MoMu Library & Dries Van Noten Study Center (work in progress)

Studycollection database


In addition to the fashion and costume collection and library, MoMu also houses a rich study collection, featuring around 2,000 objects accessible to visitors. MoMu believes that much can be learned from direct contact with materials and techniques. The study collection consists of historical and contemporary garments and regional costumes, garments, fragments and samples, and can be used for scientific research, as teaching material for schools or as a source of inspiration for all those interested in fashion and textiles. In the coming years, MoMu plans to develop an extensive educational programme based on the study collection Meanwhile, the museum is already offering packages for secondary education or as part of Dutch language courses for newcomers, as well as activities for specific audiences, such as those with dementia or a visual impairment.

In recent years, MoMu has invested significant effort in research, often in partnership with other (international) museums, universities and research centres. Besides researching its own collection (approx. 38,000 objects) and archives, the museum is also focusing its attention on many other topics, such as fashion history, restoration and conservation, and digital archives and innovation. Thanks to the support from the fashion house Dries Van Noten, MoMu will be able to go even further with its research, and reach a wide audience.